• Parking
    •  In front of the shop, 1-hour free parking.
  • Card payment
    • Payments by credit cards are available at all cash registers.
  • Payment by vouchers
    • Currently not available.


Discounted section

In the discounted section, we have a variety of goods from different categories. You can find goods at very attractive prices, but it is necessary to pay high ATTENTION on their expiration dates. Many people are willing to buy after expiration goods without prejudice, but there are also customers who do not want to buy such products. That’s why we have orange price tags for its better orientation.


Cheap food does not mean low quality

The determining factor for non-expired cheap food and its price is primarily its short shelf life or the quantity we have on stock. I.e. the larger the quantity we have from a single product and the shorter the shelf life, the lower the price we offer. None of these factors, however, affects its quality. For low-cost, after expiration products, the food is safe but it may or may not downgrade on quality. In our stores, these products are highlighted with orange price tags.


Cheap food directly from manufacturers

Our company specializes in chilled food products i.e. dairy products and smoked meat. We work closely with most domestic and foreign manufacturers who we help dealing with over-stock quantities. That is why you will always find a rich spectrum of goods at the best prices.